I fuochi oltre la ragione
per orchestra
Dedication: a Riccardo Chailly
Instruments: 4(IV=fl.Sol).4.4(III=cl.La, IV=cl.b).4. / 4.3.3.-. / perc (xil 1° [=1 esec.], Gui. Pistola cmp.lst Lst.d'acciaio T-t. 2 G.C. [=2 esec.], 9 Mokusho xil 2° [=2 esec.] pf cel / archi (8/16.4/8.4/8.4/8.4/8[IV oppure VII e VIII a 5 corde])
Composition year: 1992-97
(c): Ricordi 1997
Catalogue number: 137909
Manuscripts and printed documents kept at the Paul Sacher Foundation in Basel>
Manuscripts kept at the Archivio Storico Ricordi in Milan
First performance: 16.10.1997, Utrecht, Muziekcentrum Vredenburg - Concertgeboworkest, Riccardo Chailly direttore
Duration: 16'